Immobel has signed the agreement to purchase Nafilyan & Partners. The agreement involves an increased stake in the latter in three stages. Owner of 15% of the shares upon signature, Immobel's interest will rise to 51% in January 2019, then to 100% in 2020.

Founded in 2014 by Guy Nafilyan, ex-CEO of Kaufman & Broad France, Nafilyan & Partners quickly became a major residential property developer in the Paris region. It specialises in the construction of new housing in Ile-de-France's inner and outer suburbs for first- or second-time buyers, students and seniors. Nafilyan & Partners is involved in 31 programmes, i.e. 4 000 homes in Ile-de-France.

Nafilyan & Partners is now an essential name in the residential market in Ile-de-France, based on values of quality, respect for customers, mayors and developers..

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